Sustainable living is a journey AND a destination – we are living in the time of transition so feeling the ‘crises’ and ‘stress’ is unavoidable. Having an understanding that as the old structures collapse and give way to the new there is built in friction we will help us to feel comfortable to look towards each other, our families, our communities, and ultimately our own belief systems for support, comfort, resolve, commitment, patience, and unbending intent to be a part of co-creating this new world.

Much like a woman in childbirth has to force herself to breath and relax through the most painful part of labor or risk her body not being able to link up with the natural pain relief that is released chemically from her own brain, we have to also relax, breath, and focus on the new babies well being (our world) so that we can catch a ride on the feelings of inspiration, excitement, and elation that is available to us as we breathe in all the creative solutions that are organically uprising like a tidal wave from the collective human mind.

Transition California Community Network is a place where folks from not just California, but all over the world, can access inspiring and helpful Transition Town communities (both *official and unofficial), educational and solution orientated content and resources, and most important support and guidance from folks who are going through this transition together.