Contrary to most people’s opinion, transiting from one town to another doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. As a matter of fact, you should be excited and enthusiastic about adopting new ways of living.

Have you recently moved to a new town? Is the transitioning process wearing you out? We are here for you. Transition Town started as a community network in California to help people transit and fit in from one town to another. As of now, we have passed our boundaries and offer people from all corners of the world with relevant resources as well as tips from people who are going through a transition.

With us, you never have to feel lonely when you move to a new town. We will share with you educational and solution-oriented content that will guide you towards a smooth transition. You will also get access to community transition initiative ideas.

What Do We do?

Assist in The Transition from One Town to Another

The transition process can be difficult, especially if it is your first move. A lot of people are afraid of moving from one town to another because they think that they will not find it easy to fit in. Well, what should happen in case you get a job transfer or have a valid reason to move?

Transition Town will hold your hand from the beginning to the end of the transition process. We will guide you on the do’s and don’t’s when you move to a new tone.

Guidance on Smooth Transition

On our website, you will have access to resources that will guide you during the transition. You will learn how to analyze a new community and find your role in it. Everyone craves a sense of belonging, and it can only be achieved by penetrating the new society and finding your place in it. Transition Town will guide you on how to do this.

Brings Together Folks Going through Transition Together

There’s nothing more relieving than stumbling upon folks going through a similar ordeal to yours. Transition Town brings together people going through transition. As a result, you can learn a thing or two from them. Also, you won’t feel alone anymore.

Informative and Helpful Resources on Economic Transition

At Transition Town, we also go an extra length to offering informative resources on economic transition. Learn about community initiatives such as time banking, which not only brings people together but boosts the economy of a town.

Don’t be left out. Be part of Transition Town, and watch yourself fit in a new society without any difficulties. Transition Town isn’t only for people transitioning from town to town but welcomes everyone who has an idea on how we can better the community.


‘As a journalist, my job required me to transit from town to town frequently. It was always hard for me to fit in. But thanks to Transition Town, I always look forward to my next deployment to a new town.’ – Jake. ‘Transition Town was very resourceful in helping me find my place in a new community.’ – Becky.