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“Welcome to a rather exciting new venture for the Transition movement. Since the Transition Handbook was published in March 2008, it has been a very popular guide to the idea, now being published in a number of languages as the Transition movement spreads around the world. As these ideas are tried and tested in many cultures, contexts and different scales, the idea is to invite those who have actually been experimenting with it on the ground to rewrite the book. We invite you to contribute your wisdom, experience, successes, failures and insights to the second edition of The Transition Handbook, writing on the sections you feel you have insights
to add.

So, peak oil buffs and systems thinkers will be drawn to Part One, those with a background in psychology, addiction and the psychology of change to Part Two, and those with practical experience with active Transition initiatives to Part Three. Although I (Rob Hopkins) retain the editorial overview, the idea is that this becomes a truly collaborative venture, a true reflection of the current state of this extraordinary movement. So, get writing. Let’s write the most seminal and most useful book in print for a world in Transition. I look forward to reading your thoughts….See Category:The Transition Handbook for all pages on the wiki so far. Please feel free to edit! It is very easy and straightforward. You can check the wiki guide if you need, but it’s okay to just click edit, and edit the text.”