Movie of the Week! December 27 – SLOW MONEY Complete Interview with Woody Tasch

In this complete interview, Author Woody Tasch illustrates the concept of Slow Money. He describes how the current economic crisis evokes fundamental questions about the future of capitalism and provides a unique opportunity to reorganize financial markets for sustainability. He explains the simple notion that if we slow down, we can enjoy life more, and … Read moreMovie of the Week! December 27 – SLOW MONEY Complete Interview with Woody Tasch

California Space of Love magazine local edition

My dear co-creators of this beautiful Earth! We have a special gift for you – Space of Love magazine goes local – is being issued for California Central to South Coast! Please download first four issues for free: SOL California edition #1 , SOL California edition #2 , SOL California edition #3 , SOL California edition #4 .

Scott M B Gustafson’s Page

How might your current work contribute to the sustainability movement? Designing low energy use buildings to get away from petroleum dependence. In what ways do you personally identify with the Sustainability & Transition movement? Why are you interested? I am interested in a bountiful future that is verdant, peaceful and creative. What background and skills … Read moreScott M B Gustafson’s Page

Transition East Bay’s Page

Transition East Bay Want to meet others interested in food security, local currency, permaculture, energy decent planning, etc. “Does our group have its own blog for posting ideas on, or do we all use the main T California blog together? I’d love to follow some wisdoms pertinent to our East Bay.” “Hi, We’re transforming our … Read moreTransition East Bay’s Page

Jeanne’s Page

How to turn Talking points into Action points. Last night I attended a discussion group sponsored by CCLJ, Central Coast Clergy and Laity for Justice, Empower Poly and Transition Towns. The discussion was how to act on what Bill McKibben had to say at an event here 2 weeks ago. These people wanted to make … Read moreJeanne’s Page

Permaculture Principles and Characteristics of Resiliant Systems

Permaculture principles Here’s the list from “Principles And Pathways Beyond Sustainability” by David Holmgren added some suggestions for how this might apply to the early stages of transition projects. Principle Catch Phrase An Example (from us) Observe and interact Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Find out what is already happening locally … Read morePermaculture Principles and Characteristics of Resiliant Systems